Nice to Meet You
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Siena is two and a half. She lives near the Brooklyn Bridge with Mama, Papa, her twin brother and Lola Doggie. Wherever she goes, her pinky bunny is never far behind. If she herself were an animal, she would be a giraffe, though last Halloween she went as a tiger. At night, she often dreams of bears. Next year, she will attend school but until then, she will be spending lots of time on the merry-go-round.



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A Few of Siena's Favorite Things:

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Bunnies... they like to poop alot, but they are so cute!

Merrygoround 356.17633146129117 0x0x600x400

Merry Go Round in Dumbo

Giraffe 258.5539099153168 0x0x200x301

Giraffes are SO COOL