Time for play and discovery with Mix & Match Animals from Kid O

How gorgeous is it when your child starts recognising animals and making their sounds? I’d say that teaching my daughter about animals has created some of the cutest and funniest moments yet. But sometimes, you want more than a book or a toy at home to demonstrate different animals. These Mix & Match Animals from Kid O look perfect for playing and learning about some of our more popular friends from the zoo.

The bright and colourful Mix & Match Animals allow kids to sort and snap animal pieces together like a puzzle. The set comes with three animals – a giraffe, lion and elephant – and each animal has three pieces to mix together so your animals can be as realistic or as silly as you like.

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Mix & Match Animals

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The Bump

The Hottest Toy Trends Of 2015

This year's expo gave us a lot of food for thought. Never have we seen such a buffet of inspiring toys that feed the imagination. One favorite: Kid O Rise & Shine Set, featuring colorful dishware, utensils and food (look at that bacon and egg platter!). Ages: 3 years+.

What we love: Sparks imitative and imaginative play; Encourages social interaction — who's hungry for breakfast?

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Rise & Shine Set

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Red Plate

Today I want to show you my latest discovery. Using a special tool metal balls are pulled up. In this way, you can create any composition. Drawing is totally addictive. Amazing touch experience, comparable to pressing bubble wrap.

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Free Play Magnatab

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15 Great Gift Ideas for Stylish Kids

Shopping for children can be even more difficult than shopping for adults during the holidays (who knows what kids, or even mere tots, like these days?). And if they hail from a family with a penchant for all things chic, well, the process can be truly stress-inducing. But not to worry, we have you covered with all the trinkets and treasures that little ones love, from a playful piano tabletop and a set of natty checkered bibs to miniature bucket chairs, here are the best gifts of the season that no child will ever grow tired of.

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Tree Push

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There Are Days

There are days when time passes slowly and the coffee cools down faster. I do not pay attention to anything, just to him. Outfit of the day is pajamas or tracksuits gusts.

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Frogs & Lily Pad

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Nursery Design: Mix it Up

It can be hard to pick through the glut of baby toys out there, but we know Kid O won’t steer us wrong. Even though baby may not be ready for it quite yet, this wobbling owl is a great way to start off his collection.

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Owl Wobble

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Pregnancy & Newborn

Registry Guide

Our new Tree Push toy featured in Pregnancy & Newborn registry guide, Spring 2014 issue.

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Tree Push

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New York Post

25 Perfect Stocking Stuffers Under $50
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Fox Wobble

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